Cydia won’t open, what can you do?


The most frustrated thing in life is nothing but Cydia won’t open after you have spent hours to download and install it. You have spent hours to read how to install Cydia to your iDevices; you have followed the steps by steps clearly; you make sure that each detail in the instructions is done but it just does not work on your device. What the hell? What could be wrong and what should you do? Just like anybody else, the first time I try to install Cydia to my iPhone 4S, it was failed due to several reasons. I have also followed exactly the steps shared in some websites but my Cydia just won’t open after I tap on the brown icon. Here I am going to share you several experiences why Cydia won’t open although the installation process seems to be perfect.

Cydia won't open

A very common problem that anyone may experience is when you tap on the Cydia icon after you have jailbreak your iDevice, the screen flashes a few times but Cydia doesn’t open. Frustrated huh? If you experience this, your Cydia won’t work no matter how many times you tap on it. First of all, check if there is something went wrong during the jailbreaking process. Everything may look perfect during the installation but sometimes Cydia server could be down when there are too many connections to it. If you make sure there is no problem with the jailbreak, it could be Cydia is not properly installed or it is not completely installed to your iDevice. Check on Cydia not working for more error details during the installation.

Incomplete installation is a common issue. However, if you have tried to rejailbreak or reinstall Cydia several times, it is something else. I used to tethered jailbreak (jailbreak your iDevices using a computer connection with jailbreak application such as sn0wbreeze or redsn0w) my iPhone and the same thing always happen to me – when I click on the Cydia logo it just don’t open but flashes a few times. This is because I did not boot tethered my iPhone and cause the device living in “unjailbreak” or semi-tethered status. The symptom of semi-tethered is when you tap on the Cydia icon, it flashes few times and closes back up or the screen goes black or white and then jump back to homescreen or it just won’t open and crash. If you come across these symptoms, your Cydia won’t open no matter how many times you restart or reboot your iDevices. To solve this, simply connect or tether your iDevice back to your computer and boot it with the aid of the jailbreak application you use. If you are using redsn0w, try to run it again and check on the “just boot tethered” box. This method works perfectly for me every time my Cydia is not able to open after jailbreaking process.

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